Back from CANADA! I drove all the way down:)

Anyway, here’s a shorter post-a bit humorous too.

Back in June, I went to Wentworth for NSO (New Student Orientation) and took a picture next to the Wentworth Leopard, our schools mascot. (see attached) Earlier in the spring I found out that there is a story behind the statue.

Back when the leopard was first placed where it is now (in front of Baker Hall), it had no man parts, A.K.A. “balls”. Due to the fact that the school is predominately male, (80%) people came up with the clever idea that the Leopard should have some “balls” as this would more accurately represent the student body. Sure enough, the welders came back and welded balls to the Leopard. Ever since the Leopard has been known as “Balls”. Weird, eh?

(Quoted from a friend who has a brother at WIT)



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