Housing Packet Received!

Hello All!

I received (actually I had to go get my mail because the mailman forgot to resume the mail) my housing packet on Monday, August 8th. I was stoked! My room-mate is Kyle Blanchette. We haven’t spoken much yet, just got in contact last night. Seems like we were both on vacation.

Either way, we are on the top floor (5th floor) of Baker Hall. Those stairs are surely going to be dreaded, but I feel like the view will be great (we are facing the street). I move in August 31st between 8 and 9:30 AM. Cannot wait!



2 thoughts on “Housing Packet Received!

  1. Do not take that 5th class! Freshman year is a hard enough year as recommended. Believe me, you WILL be challenged! This is a big year for change, enjoy it but don’t let it kill you or your dreams.

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