Move In

To all the Yankees fans: As long as we are 2.5 games above the Sox, I am fine.

To all the Sox fans: don’t hate because you aren’t a bomber.

Move in went smooth. Not bottom of the baby smooth, more like grooved pavement smooth. After packing the van by 6:30 we set off for Boston. Unfortunately, the inevitable happened. We hit traffic. Enough traffic to be 1.5 hours late. We were supposed to move in between 8 and 9:30 AM, but we got here at 9:30….oops. Either way, once we finally got here, it was smooth sailing, my roommate had already moved in and was pretty much settled in. So both families hung out for a bit and we got to know each other for a bit, it was nice.

After being half settled in, the family went out for lunch. The local pizzaria served us well. After relaxing for a bit, it was time for the family to head out. Kisses and hugs were given, tears were shed. Once all the goodbyes were given, I returned to my dorm and attacked more hours of organization and positioning, until satisfied. The room still isn’t complete, because we want to bunk the beds, but we have to wait for physical plant to do that.



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