Originally, I thought that after the summer orientation, there would be no more orientation time. Boy was I wrong. Over the last three days we have spent about 30 hours in little groups made up of people from around our floor learning about public safety, alcohol, diversity, sexual assault, etc. Let me not forget about the endless “team building” activities. Although there were a few times where I fell asleep during orientation, I still feel it was worth it. Let’s be real, I am terrible with names. Seeing the same people for so many hours at a time helped me get to know my floor people a lot better.

Best part of orientation: Alcohol Edu.

It was very interactive, as the presenter would often pole the audience anonymously by taking a text poll. He would ask a question and we would text in an answer. Very cool. It was due to this presentation, the sexual assault presentation, and prior beliefs and knowledge about alcohol that I have made a pact to myself that I will not drink until I graduate with my Master’s Degree in Architecture. At that point, 5 years from now, I will reassess and move on from there. Until then, I refuse to drink.


Worst part of orientation: Diversity Sessions

I can honestly say that Windsor High has prepared me well for this. Anyone who knows anything about WHS knows that being white there is nearly a minority. At WIT it is the opposite. Mostly white kids, plenty of Asians and the very rare dark skinned person. I just found the diversity sessions amazingly boring. WHS was loaded with races, looking back it seemed like the United Nations. Sorry orientation leaders!




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