A Lesson Learned

The other night, my buddy and I walked to Suffolk University to see a mutual friend. While we were waiting for her to get out of a meeting, a young lady (20?) approached us looking pretty bad. She gave us a story about how here wallet, iphone, and camera had been stolen, how she only had $5 for her ride home, and how some “idiot drove into her ankle”. She kept asking for us to help her. We told her to go across the street and into Suffolk University as they would know how to better assist her. Long story short, she was looking for money. My bud and I said we only had IDs and she eventually walked away. Either she is a very good story teller, or that is one college orientation gone terribly wrong. Regardless, the lesson learned here was that one should never keep cash and the wallet in the same pocket…just in case. My bud and I were fine, there were plenty of people around us and it wasn’t that late at night, so nothing was going to happen.



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