Classes…A Major Success!

Good Rainy Afternoon everyone,

Today was my second day of classes. Now that it is over, I feel comfortable saying it was Freaking Awesome! I got up at about 7ish, met up with the crew outside at about 7:15, had a sit down breakfast with about 8 people, and was in class by 8AM. First off was my design drawing class. It ran until 10:50 with a break somewhere in between. We worked on our line drawings, which was assigned during my architecture lecture class yesterday (the two classes are tied in with each other). Next I went on to math, which was pretty smooth. I think I may switch out, because it is just high school level math, and I was hoping for a bigger challenge, say calc for example. Following that was lunch, then Psych. Psych was awesome as well. The teacher is a jokester and I was able to grab a seat next to a cute girl (I guess going to class early does pay off). So yea, first two days have been good ones. Lets not forget that my freshman seminar is with the Dean of Students, so that is awesome in itself.

Pictures of design stuff coming soon.



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