1st Week In The Bag, Calculus

Hi guys,

This is kind of two posts in one, but we will all live.

This week was surely one to remember. I had four days of classes (Monday was Labor Day) so I was exposed to all of my courses. So far so good. My professors seem decent and my classmates are not too shabby either. The workload is also steadily increasing. In my design drawing class, we had to draw 6×6 squares, with lines going across them every 1/8th of an inch. In some squares, the line weight would change, in others we would have to gradate and hope to God that would establish the perception of depth. All I think are lines. Let’s see…I’ve done 25 boxes so far. Each box has 48 6 inch lines, 48×25=1200 lines. FUN! It gets annoying after a while but I understand why we are doing it, so I am more willing to accept it. I am enticed by the idea that one day, even if it is years away, I will be using lines to draw buildings not to please professors…LOL We actually got our first model building assignment today, and yes, it has to do with lines. I think I will be able to put pics up of those around Wednesday, line pictures should be up by Sunday. Explanations about the model will also be put up on the blog.


Today I switched my math class from math 205 to math 280. Basically, math 205 was a joke. It was sophomore level (high school, that is) math. It was pathetic IMO. So I asked to be transferred to something a bit more challenging. Given my SAT scores and previous courses that I took, they decided that I would be moved to Calc I. I am not going to lie, I’m kind of scared/nervous. We’ll see how it all pans out.

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4 thoughts on “1st Week In The Bag, Calculus

  1. Hey Filipe, I’m glad that you had a great first week of college. I’m not surprised that you switched your math class to a more challenging one because that’s the kind of person that you are. Always up for a challenge. No doubt that you will do fine. Your smartness will guide you through 🙂 If anything you won’t be bored. So you are tired of drawing lines. Can be frustrating but your mentality is correct because one day those lines will be the buildings that you design. _______________Have a GREAT weekend!!!__________________________HAVE FUN!!!!__________________
    First soccer game of the season is today, YAYYYY!!!!!________________Love U!!
    ____________________Miss You!!!!!!_______________More lines___________
    just in case you haven’t seen enough,lol___________________Lola’s other surgery
    is monday_______________________more$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$________

    • Haha, bored? In Boston? As an architecture student? Never. LOL, I was wondering what those lines were for until I got to the bottom! Meanie! Viva o BENFICA!!!!

      Good luck with that, let me know how she turns out.


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