Drawings and Models!

Here is the much anticipated update.

So the first few steps were to draw straight 6 inch lines as explained in a previous post.

There were a variety of steps, that entailed different exercises.

One of the later steps is to build a model off of the designs that we made. I.E. I made an hourglass design, and then built it. I can’t figure out how to put pics and text up in a reasonable amount of time, so I’ll do it this way:

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2 thoughts on “Drawings and Models!

  1. The drawings you did for your architecture class are amazing. I did not know that lines could look different in so many ways and all of them have some kind of depth to them. You truly have talent. Did they tell you how to present them or did you come up with it yourself??? It would take me 4ever to figure all that out and put it in paper. Nice to see that you are having fun up there as well and hanging out with your friends. Loved seeing the pictures you took, but they made want to go up there even more. The city is beautiful and the night lights just make everything look so much prettier. What is the white building that looks like the white house!!! The plan to go there is definately in my calendar. I would love to take just David up there, but I don’t think the others would take it well. Anyway Filipe keep up the good work and keep us posted. By the way, how did your math class go?? Til next time…

  2. It’s all light work right now, I am anxious to see what I will be doing in the near future. The professors gave us a guideline that we had to follow for the models. You can come visit WHENEVER. That white looking building is the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts). I have yet to visit it, but I heard it is HUGE. Yea, I don’t think that would go well with the other ones. LoL. Math is going well so far.


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