With Hard Work Comes….

…a little bit of fun.

It is true, I have been working pretty hard in college; taking care of deadlines, meeting requirements, trying to finalize my work study, staying on top of my classes, etc. Buuuuuut, I’ve also had quite a bit of fun. Boston is such an awesome place, even if it is just to walk around. It seems like there is always something to do, somewhere close to my school. It’s all about location. The Museum of Fine Arts is jus a ten minutee walk away, the Prudential Center is about 20-30 minutes and of course there is Fenway Park (about 15 minutes), not to mention all the colleges in the area. I’ve got a group of about 6-8 friends that I walk around the city with. We run errands and sometimes just walk with no purpose. Frequent supply runs is a good reason to get away from the drawing board.

If for some reason we don’t feel like hitting the streets, Wentworth has “Weekends @WIT”. It’s basically a school ran group that puts on events during the weekend. Last weekend was game show weekend. My roommate, a friend and myself went down and represented Baker 5 (dorm hall and floor) pretty well. We were all laughs and I got a sweet lap desk out of it.

Being September 11th and all yesterday, the Prudential Center spiced things up a bit. My buds and I decided to head out and snap a few pics. Check them out below.


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