A New Project!

Good Sunday morning all,

First off, this morning I went to church (amazing, huh?). The basilica that I went to is about a 5 minute walk from my school, so it is really convenient. Anyway, this post is about another recent project. For this project we had to choose an object that had some kind of movement within it. In other words, you had to be able to do something with it that would make it turn, fold, etc. I chose a drawing compass. (Mr. Ricci, recognize it?) For the first part of the project, my professor had us create two orthographic drawings. Orthographic drawings are drawings that show an object from three different viewpoints-top front and right. The drawings use construction lines that extend off of one view to the other either thru a 45 degree line, or just going straight down. The construction lines are meant to be the lightest lines on the page, thus not attracting attention from the object being drawn. The tittle boxes and border are just personal touches to the drawings that I learned back in my Freshman/Sophomore year. Of all the orthographic projections that I have eveer made I think these are the best. I needed to kick some butt on this project because things kind of fell thru the hole on the last one.

Notice how on the second drawing, there is a representation of movement. By making the original shape of the object the darkest then making multiple versions (bigger angle every time) of the compass withlighter lines, I can represent the movement of the compas as it opens up.

Let me know what you think!



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