“Play Hard; Work Harder”-DR

Hi all!

Great week so far! I am really enjoying the project I am currently working on. Y’all can expect pictures to be up around Thursday or Friday. We actually started to work with wood on this project, so expect something a little bit different.

To capitalize on a great week, I got into a new hobby/sport. It is called longboarding. In my opinion, it is the city’s version of skateboarding. You can do a lot on a longboard, but I will be using it primarily for getting from point A to pt B faster than walking. I actually borrowed a friends board this weekend and decided to get my own:http://longboardskater.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/MakaiC.jpg. Most of the people in the group of friends that I hang out with (about 8 ) ride longboards, so its something that we can all go out and have fun doing. It looks like my board is coming on Thursday, so I am super amped. Not only is it ahead of time, but just in time to get some serious riding time in this weekend!



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