Design Assignment 2

Good rainy rainy morning everyone,

Here is the most recent design project. For this project we had to choose an object that had some kind of natural movement, and create a 3D model that would show its movement but also not give away what the object actually was. I think I made the piece a bit too abstract. The way I look at is a compass rotating, thus making a circle. Check out the pics below. The first few pictures are just basic construction of the model, while the later ones are the painting procedure. The one with a cup with water and a piece of basswood is how I bent the wood. By placing the wood in a cup of really hot water it would become softer, thus letting me clamp it and make it into a circle. Not too crazy about it, still think the drawings are my best work yet.


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2 thoughts on “Design Assignment 2

  1. Love the finished product!!! Looks like it took some time and thinking, but I can definately see that you have what it takes to succeed. Your mom tells me that every time she talks to you it seems that you always have so much scool work to do. I told her that you are just the person that spends time on your projects because you want them to come out great. This project is confirming it. GREAT JOB!!!! Hugs and kisses, madrinha

    • Ehh im not too crazy about it, I like the drawings of the compass a lot more. You can check them out by scrolling down. Yea, mom doesn’t really realize what is happening up here. It is too bad.

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