Longboard Is Heeeeeeerrrrrreeeee

Guess who has his longboard? This guy! My longboard came yesterday a whole day ahead of time! Turns out that my buddy and I just had to make a supply run to the art store, so of course we took our boards. So far I love it. I may have to eventually loosen the bushings a bit, but that is no issue at all. The board is known as the Gravity Makai. Correct me if I am wrong DR, but Makai in Hawaiian means “going towards the sea”. That is probably why the graphic on the bottom of the board is of a rock ledge with falling water. 3rd picture is a stencil that my roommate made for a board. Pretty sick.

Anyway, below are the pics. I’d be riding if it wasn’t raining right now…


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2 thoughts on “Longboard Is Heeeeeeerrrrrreeeee

  1. Well I guess this is a reason to let the fun times begin 🙂 Glad to hear that you are hanging out with the longboard crowd…This is an awesome longboard, but don’t think I will show it to David just yet or it will be his birthday wish,hahaha. Very nice and you will get to your destinations so much faster. Can’t picture you riding this to church, though. I guess it doesn’t matter how you get there and I have to say that I admire you for making time in your busy schedule to go in the first place. Anyway I hope all is well and we all miss you. Are you coming down for Columbus day??? I was looking at the bus prices and it is very cheap dor all of us to go up to Boston on the Megabus. It drops you off 1/2 mile from Quincy Market. Definately a possibility now that I will be wsorking every other weekend. Have a Great Sunday!!! LOVE YOU!!

    • Amen! Lol. Doesn’t David have a skateboard? I actually road it to the church and then Stop and Shop today 🙂 I have the intention of coming down for Columbus day…have yet to buy tickets though. Quincy isn’t too far, but I have yet to go there since I moved up here. Love you!

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