Design Assignment #3 Drawings and Explanation

For the pictures of the model, see the post below.

These are the drawings of the compass showing movement through the use of the different planes. We had to make two different drawings. One was an orthographic project, the other was a drawing that focused on the various movements of the object.

For the orthographic projection, I chose to project the whole model, as opposed to the object alone. I’ve already done an orthographic projection of a compass (it’s in a post below) so I wanted to try something different.

For the second drawing, which I dubbed as the “Ghost Effect” drawing, you can see the movement that I was speaking about in the post below. Since there are 5 different compasses, all on different planes, each one had to have a different line darkness. The farther the compass, the lighter the line. It alludes to the idea that the farther you are from the object, the harder it is to see. This translates to the dark/light lines as well.



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