Design Assignment #3

Hello All,

Here is the long awaited updated. Sorry for the delay! This assignment was similar to the last, but that is because it was a two phase assignment. For the second phase we had to create a model that represented movement. Knowing that I had created my previous one too abstract, I went for something a bit more literal this time, choosing to focus on the craft. I found it hard to find the fine line between too literal (when you can look at the object and guess what it is right away) and too abstract (you have no idea what it is after looking at it for several minutes). If I put too much detail, it would give it away, if I didn’t put enough detail, people would be lost. After creating it, I think this one is definitely on the abstract side.

To represent movement, I had the compass gradually opening in two ways. One way was by increasing the radius of the diameter (opening the “legs”). The second way was a bit different. Each of the legs of the compass have little hinges about halfway down, so I used those as points of movement as well. You can see what I mean by checking out the pictures below. Basically, if you look at the model face on, you can see it sprawling open. This idea is created by having 5 compasses in line with each other, each having a significantly bigger angle than the previous.

For the drawings, read the next post!



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