So I Hit My First Car…

Yesterday, after I breezed through my Psychology exam (it was good that I did, because I was pretty bummed that my Yankees got kicked out of the playoffs the previous night), I hit the city streets for some longboard cruising (don’t know what longboarding is? No problem! Check out my post about it 3 posts down!). After checking out a local high school football game (very similar to a Windsor High Vs. Bloomfield game) I roamed around the city just to become more familiar with the area. Anyway after passing by the Prudential Ctr and the MAC store (where they were having a vigil for Steve Jobs [RIP]) I was heading down a steep street. I knew I was out of my league, so I started to break. Turned out the wrong part of my foot hit the pavement causing me and the board to go launching forward. I was able to scramble off and stay on my own two, but the board went straight into a parked SUV’s tire. It left me a nice mark, but it could have been worse if it had hit a guy that was going into his car (just because of how fast I was going). The good part is, I didn’t get hurt, and now I have a story to tell. 😀

I’ll try to get some of yesterday’s pics up; as soon as I figure out how to do it from my phone.




One thought on “So I Hit My First Car…

  1. Does this mean a helmet and knee pads are on the x-mas Good to hear that you are OK, but be careful pleeeeaaseee!!! Maybe I will just order you a bubble suit just to be on the safe side , hahaha. Better to be safe than sorry. LOL XOXO

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