College Lessons

Good morning all,

A bit of unexpected free time here, so here is an update. This post is a bit different in the sense that it is a compilation of lessons since I came up to Wentworth. I titled this post “College Lessons” because I have already picked up on a few lessons/skills that I will need to hold onto/improve to be successful.

The first, and most important, is time management. Yes, I know, it is super cliché, but it is the truth. The workload isn’t overwhelming-yet. I’m actually getting more sleep this year than I did all of last year, which is quite surprising. Then again, I’m not working 25-hour weeks. You don’t have to be a perfect time management person to succeed. There are so many things that you could be doing, but you just have to do your work first. Sure, if you have moderate time management skills, you are surely going to have a few late nights, but not sleepless ones. Although I feel comfortable with where I stand right now, I’d like to improve, if for nothing else than the future.

Rule of 10. Measure something 10 times before you cut it/draw it. This one is pretty self explanatory, but it is so easy to skip. Between my perfectionist/ocd attitudes, it is hard for me to accept something that is not parallel where it is supposed to be, or that one stick is shorter than the rest. Although you surely want to get the drawing done, measure things out one more time before you create that fine line of graphite.

Challenge your professor. One of the RA’s on my floor calculated the average cost per class at Wentworth. It came out to roughly $75. That means whether you skipped that Calculus class or you asked every single question you could, it’s going to cost you $75. No matter what college you go to, you are paying these professors good money. Don’t be a fool by not challenging them. Make them a resource. You don’t go throwing $75 around in the streets do you? So why do it in college?

Sketchbooks. I never thought I’d write a post about this. My favorite part of my sketchbook is the messy pages. Not messy as in meaningless stuff, but ones where I am “searching” for lines, where there are multiple thumbnails or sketches of whatever I am drawing. It is a lot more rewarding than pages with one or two sketches. Don’t be afraid to go a bit wild. It is a sketchbook, not a final drawing.

The act of humility goes a long way. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Be able to build from them both. Personally, I know that I lack creativity, but when it comes to more technical drawings, I can hold my own. When I am drawing from something that is preset, or non-changing I tend to do better. Hopefully creativity is something that I can acquire over the next couple of years.

Be innovative; not boring. Thousands of people have come before us, they had their ideas and went places with them. Now it is our turn. Try something new, be outgoing, experiment, expect failure but be smart and enjoy the sweet taste of success. In my case, now that I have a long board, I am trying to do some kind of video recording with it. My original thought was okay, I’ll just tape it to the board, no biggie. Clearly, that failed. The camera was too loose, batteries were making bad connection, and it was a very shaky video. So, I made a few modifications, and it still didn’t work. What I thought was the issue, wasn’t. This happened a few times. I think I am running the 4th version of it by now. But I’m fine with that. Every time I changed it, I learned something new from it. To bring an end with all this tape and bubble wrap I have created a mount that is most likely going to be created on a 3D printer at my high school. The mount has an easy and quick method that fastens it to the board, has a dampening system and secures the camera-everything I need and nothing I don’t. This will be a better solution than investing in a GoPro camera. Not only are those super expensive, but I have sharpened my problem solving skills. Plus, how many people can say they have a legit homemade custom long board camera mount?

Long post is over! Leave me something!




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