Not My Best Week

Hi all,

“I’m feeling frustrated, fed up…” -C. Webby

Tough week up here guys. It started off looking great, I’m making great headway on my application for an internship opportunity at A/E in Hartford. I’m also in the process of prototyping the first ever universal camera mount for drop through longboard decks. (I’ll explain more about this later).

Then the waters turned. I got an email on Monday night saying that I would have a drawing quiz the next morning. It was no big deal, not bad at all. Wednesday, I had phase one of a model due (pics will be up when the  project is over). That wasn’t bad either. Thursday, is where things fell apart. I had a Survey of Architecture history exam that was a pain all around. This lecture is my worst class. By far worse that Calculus, psychology (which I am only supposed to take as a sophomore) and my drafting class all put together. Part of it is due to the fact that the professor who is teaching the course (I won’t put names on here, if you really want to know just ask me) was kind of thrown into the position one week before school started, so s/he hates the book, and has been trying to put a new syllabus together for us, for who knows how long. I personally didn’t get a copy or notice of the exam until 6 days before the exam (which is when the exam was announced). At the beginning of the course when I asked if we should be reading topics as s/he lectured about them the professor told me not to read anything until s/he told us to. So, given this, and the fact that we didn’t have a syllabus, I didn’t read. Turns out the exam was scheduled to be on readings/lectures/everything else. I speak for a good bunch of us (proven by Facebook wallposts) when I say that none of us really knew what to expect on the exam. It is a given that this is college. I understand that we are supposed to be handling ourselves at another level, however, all of my other professors have clearly laid out what ideas/concepts/theories we can expect to see on an exam. I think that for the material that we covered and the fact that the professor assigned a project through email two days after announcing the exam, (among other reasons) we could have at least been given the structure of the test. By day 4 of the 6 day period, I had heard that we should expect every single kind of format on the test….fill ins, multiple choice, identification, etc about anything really, architects/buildings/locations/importance of each/culture. I just felt overwhelmed about how broad it was.

So I went in with blind eyes and just prayed for the best, because honestly I didn’t know how to prepare for the worst in this case. The exam (our only grade to this point and 25% of our final grade) turned out to be nearly all picture identification with a few sketch this or that questions. The hardest part BY FAR on the exam was a part where we were given pictures and numbers and we had to match them. There was a slide on the powerpoint that had pictures and drawings all over the place (all mixed as opposed to drawings on top and pictures on the bottom). Each picture had a letter, and each drawing had a number (or Viceversa, can’t remember). With that being said, on the sheets that we actually had to turn in, the numbers were off by one. Does it sound confusing to you? Imagine being in my shoes during a timedexam. (which started late on top of it) 

Friday was the my calculus test. It was harder than I expected. I knew I didn’t have this material as down pact as well as the last chunk of material, but the test was also harder, not only in my opinion, but also in the opinions of others that I spoke to.

So yea, this week was rough. I’ll take a look at the grades, see what I did wrong, reminisce,  learn from it, make changes (especially in the Survey of Arch course) and move on. A new week starts after the weekly mass tomorrow.

Time to bounce back.



By no means was this post an attempt to evaluate the professor or a pity plea on my part. I use this blog as a way to express my thoughts, concerns and experiences of my college journey. Let this blog be a way for the world to see what is happening while I am up at college, not a mere complaint directory.


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