Subway Station?

Hello all,

This is a project that I should have uploaded weeks ago, but simply haven’t gotten the chance. The assignment is based off of the object that we chose a couple weeks back. In this project we had to abstract the object to it’s basic geometry and transform it. For my project, I have the general shape of the compass as the focal point of my drawings. Throughout a range of drawings I had to take apart original box. As you can see, I have pulled out, rotated and shifted the blank spaces. These spaces/shapes are created because of the shape of the object.

Step two of this project was to create a model out of chipboard and basswood. The model had to correlate with the drawings. For this project I wanted to create something that was more than just abstract. I wanted it to have some kind of meaning to it. Eventually, I turned in the excess shapes from my compass drawing into the entrance of a subway station. The massive triangles serve as the frame of the entrance and the basswood is representative of the construction lines present in the drawing. The way I had it laid out in my head, the basswood represents the beams and the space in between them would be glass panels (In the real world).

This I probably one of my favorite projects so far.


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