For the final project of the semester, each student had to choose a building, and create a booklet of drawings that would represent the building in its entirety with a personal intervention as the conclusion of the group of drawings. I chose the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).  The ICA houses an additional 18,000 sq ft of gallery space as well as academic classrooms and a theater.

It is an engineer’s nightmare. The way I look at it, it is a cantilever with a cantilever. See pictures below. It is quite impressive in my opinion and is surely worth a visit if you find yourself in Boston.

Below are scans of my drawings. I did drawings of elevations, a sections cut, a perspective (my favorite), floor plans and an intervention. Once I formatted all of the scans, added an introduction and an index, I went and got the set of prints bounded. It was pretty cool at the end, because now I have a booklet of all the different types of drawings that I studied throughout the semester. The only thing that I would change is the way I approached the intervention. There is still much to be explained and thought out regarding this aspect of the booklet.


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