Research Drawings

Some time ago (about a month), our Survey of Architecture professor assigned us a research project about a fairly local Bostonian building. I chose the Arlington Street Church. To see part of the research paper that I wrote about the church scroll down. Phase two of the project was to do a section cut of the church. Basically it is a 3D drawing of the church with a part of it missing or “cut away”.  The way I drew it was as if I took a knife and sliced the church down the middle. Creating this drawing was a pain in the (      ). This was the case because there was virtually no plans of the church. The church committee themselves said that they didn’t have them, and the internet surely didn’t have them either. No plans, no section cuts, no elevations. I thought I was in a deep hole for sure, but sure enough a mystery man forwarded a copy of the plans to my professor (Shout out to Prof. Lesko!) a few days before the deadline. I was stumped regardless. Being the perfectionist that I am along with the absence of any measurements what-so-ever, I simply couldn’t make sense of the drawing. After meeting with my professor we were able to make sense of most of it and I created the following:





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