Looking Ahead

I recently submitted an application to become an RA next year. RA means Resident’s Assistant. The name describes it all. RAs are meant to be facilitators to residents in the dorms. Here is an excerpt from my application: “I am applying to become an RA because I feel like I can be a positive influence on the residents of the Wentworth community. My background as a leader and a person who cares for the well being of others provides me with a solid foundation that will make me a successful RA.

I feel that one of the most interesting aspects of the position is the chance to meet so many new people and create an enjoyable environment for everyone. I like the idea that I have the potential to leave a very positive impact on so many students throughout a year’s worth of work.”


Next post should be up around this Friday regarding project 1.




One thought on “Looking Ahead

  1. Hi Filipe,

    I love reading your posts. Hope you keep them up. Good luck with your RA interview i’m sure you will do well.

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