Networking for future success

Hello All,

I know I said that there would be a project update last Friday, but the project is lasting longer than I expected. It is pretty much over, but I have to finalize a few things, take pictures, then upload them. Things are surely hectic considering its the still the beginning of the semester. These professors aren’t missing a beat. Props to them.

As for now, here are a few updates:

I have indeed applied to become an RA next year. If I am accepted (I have an interview on Saturday, the day before my birthday!) it will certainly go on my list of biggest accomplishments. (It really shouldn’t be called a list, its not that long.)

In other news,

I am in the process of expanding my “network”. I have been speaking to the CEOs of Golden Egg Concepts as well as Leadership Capital Partners, LLC. They have given me some direction in order to expand my horizons and to put my name out there. The plan is that when the time comes for me to do my internship at an architecture firm, everything will be set up.


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One thought on “Networking for future success

  1. Hello,

    Don’t give up on trying to get an internship, keep up the great motivation.
    I was impressed with your profile in Linkedin.

    Lots of hugs and kisses.

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