How 5 minutes turned into two hours

In my major, at my school, we create models nearly every week. Needless to say, we go to the art store quite often. Yesterday after class, my friend and I longboarded to the art store. (He just got new trucks, so we had to put them to good use!) On a normal day, this is a 20-25 minute process. But yesterday was different. We took the long way to get there, and once we did, there was a line nearly out the door. It turns out that there was a midnight madness sale happening. We decided that there was no way either one of us was going to wait in that line so we headed down Massachussettes Ave towards Northampton Hospital. We were looking for the hotel that my aunt was considering staying at and a lady over heard us and asked which one. She started to explain, and within seconds I could tell she was a native speaking Jamaican. Totally made my night.

When we headed back towards Utrecht (the art store) we met another interesting character. We were at a stop, waiting for some cars to go buy when out of nowhere this Chinese man (on ROLLERBLADES) comes flying through the intersection. The car turning left had to slow down not to hit him and the driver in the opposite direction had to slam the brakes not to hit the car! When we finally caught up to the guy on rollerblades, we said to him “hey man you almost got hit back there!” his response blew us away, “Ahh no problem! I would’ve collected! I’m due for a vacation anyways, maybe disneyland? See what you have to do is get hit, and lay there, you can’t move, play stupid, have the ambulance come pick you up. As soon as you move, you lose your ******* lawsuit!” Needless to say that hearing this from a 50+ year old man (in perfect english at that) had my buddy cracking up.

When we finally got back to the art store, there was still a ridiculously long line. So we decided to go skate at the reflecting pool near the Prudential Center. We eventually got kicked out, but we got our fair share of skating in.

T’was a good trip!




2 thoughts on “How 5 minutes turned into two hours

  1. This commentary reminds me of black friday.
    The gentleman almost wished he got hit. Boy!! I tell you this world is made up of all kinds. You very watch out for people like him, they take all your money and everything else away.

  2. It’s guys like him who make ALL of us pay–that’s why insurance rates are so high. Hope he gets caught one day for insurance fraud!
    Glad to hear you’re making the most of your time there in Beantown!! Enjoy it all!
    Mrs. D.

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