Project 2…2 more to go!

Hi all,

A bit delayed here, so bear with me.

About a week ago we finished project 2. This project was more research style. We were given a pre-existing building and basically asked to do a precedent study. Essentially we had to become gurus of the building as well as the architect. My building was the Moller House in Vienna, Austria. The architect is Adolf Loos. He’s quite an interesting guy, and believed that windows (the very few that he actually put) should have permanent shades over them because people have two faces-one when out in society and one for when they are within the comfort of their own homes.

I enjoyed this project more than the last. While the other was really up in the air and very abstract, this one was more grounded. I also enjoyed learning about a different time period (Early 1900s). There were a lot of AutoCAD drawings involved, and I can’t upload them here. So click on the link below to see my work, as well as my study model that represents circulation as well as hierarchy within the house. There should be an explanation somewhere within the file as well. Check it out!


In the pictures you will see a lot of notes, annotations red lines, etc. It took many drafts and revisions to get to the final set of drawings. The process of noting what could be done better for the next set is known as redlining. Don’t worry, I’m not failing out of architecture!

Update: Here are the files.




3 thoughts on “Project 2…2 more to go!

    • Wow, this threw me off. My father’s name is Frank. You are clearly not my father..Thank you for leaving a comment. How did you come across my college blog??

      That is correct. Loos got syphilis at 21 after going to a brothel with his grandfather.

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