Saint Patrick’s Day, The Bostonian Way

Still catching up on old posts here folks. Now that the NOLA ones are out of the way, it should be a bit easier–

This year I was up in Boston for St. Patty’s day, as I was still in college and didn’t come home for the weekend. Honestly, it was quite a sight. Instead of staying in and getting drunk like most people, my buddies (about 5 of us) went skating through the street light filled streets of Boston’s Bay Back area, as well as the Cambridge area. It went as expected. Drunks here and there, and every SINGLE bar backed to the brim.

The day after St. Patty’s day I was on the Train heading back from the art store I believe, and I saw a girl vomit as she stepped off the train. Keep in mind this was 2 o’clock in the afternoon of the following day. I’ve come to the conclusion that in Boston St. Patty’s day should just be renamed to Bostonian Tip It Back Day. It would fit a lot better.




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