Two Doors Close…Temporarily


Last post for the night…

I had some bizarre idea that I should look for internships at architecture firms for the summer. I submitted my resume and materials to about 3 or 4 places. I heard back from all of them and interviewed for two of them. Unfortunately, a recurring theme became the obstacle that stood between me and a summer internship at one of these firms. Age. Yup, I’m too young…it’s not like I haven’t heard that one all my life, right? No hard feelings though, I understand where the problem presents itself. I’ll try again next year, and the year after that, and the one get the point.

For now however, I am still working at David Litchfield Building and Remodeling. My responsibilities lie around creating floor plans and 3d renderings for clients who are usually looking to remodel or add to their existing home. I’ve attached two of my designs; just to show the kinds of things I’m working on…both of these projects are basement remodels. That being said, if you are looking to remodel a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etcetecetc visit:



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