Updates, updates, updates

Hey there!

Figured I was due for an update;

Things are going well, especially on the RA side. I have friendly freshman residents who have been good so far. I’ve held my first floor meeting, multiple duty nights, created various bulletin boards, and will be hosting my first program this Friday, it’s an Ice Cream Social with the floor above mine.

Classes are in full swing now. It’s project after project, reading assignment after reading assignment and plenty of standup comedy during late night studio sessions to keep me going. Seriously. I had a final critique due on the 5th, (I’d say it went well, check out my work on my website under summer 2012) and later that afternoon, we were assigned our next project, with 3 study models due the next class. It has caught me off guard, to say the least. I have a architecture studio class that meets 12 hours/week and that’s what takes my sleeping hours away from me for the most part.

On a lighter note, I hope to be buying my first DSLR Camera within the next few days. I’m pretty excited to start working with some serious equipment. My hope is that I’ll have a solid foundation with the camera to capture some great shots during my trip to San Francisco, California, when I head out there for the Greenbuild 2012 conference.

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