All of Tuesday

Hi Folks,

I’ve been trying to knock out my architecture homework, but to no avail, so forgive me if this is a short entry. (I promise plenty of pictures though!)

This morning all of the USGBC scholarship awardees got together to introduce ourselves to the rest of the group. We attended a few different breakout sessions. We learned about how to become a Green Building Professional. This segment segway-ed well into the next session, the job fair. It was a weak turnout of potential employers, especially for those focused on design. I do believe that the real opportunity to mingle with potential employers will be in the coming days during the exhibition hours. That should be very exciting.

Following lunch (A fellow Bostonian and I tried a place called Jambers. It was amazing!), we got together again to go over some logistics, and then were free to go. I chose to attend a session on Sustainable Construction and the Green Economy of Brazil. Following the session, I chased down Pedro Rolim, one of the speakers during the session. Pedro is a Brazilian architect who was/is instrumental in establishing tax breaks that will facilitate and encourage sustainable design in the Rio area. Pedro was a very down to Earth man, and it was nice to speak Portuguese while being so far away from home.

When all was said and done, I headed back to the hotel, got into my street clothes and hit the San Fran streets on my longboard. Boy, when they said “what goes up must come down” they HAD to be referring to the streets of San Francisco. I couldn’t ride most of them. They’re simply too steep and dangerous…I did however make it to the water! I reached the port and saw the Alcatraz Prison and portions of the Golden Gate Bridge from lad. I never thought Alcatraz was so close. That place must be awesome to explore.

After free-time came to an end, we had a scholarship dinner. We went to eat out at Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro. Another recommended restaurant. Food was great, staff was just as good.

Check out the pics and, as always, please feel free to leave a comment!




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