Alright, I’m back! Had to take a few days off to finish up my design project.

Saturday was rough. I got to the airport and halfway through breakfast, I received yet another phone call from U.S. Airways telling me my flight had been delayed, yet again. The process started all over again, I just wanted to go home by then. It was a hassle. Eventually I got in touch with a supervisor, and after going back and forth between different airports I was able to get a ticket to Charlotte and then to Boston.

I arrived in Boston at around 1A.M. hailed down a cab, headed back to Wentworth. Just like that, it was all over.

Overall, Greenbuild 2012 was awesome, and I will certainly be pursuing ways to get to Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia next year. My plan for now is to stop, think about what I learned and formulate some course of action that will use the knowledge that I gained at Greenbuild to better what I do, where I come from, etc.




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