The Start of a New Semester

Hi all,

I’m back at school and things are in full swing by now. We start earlier than most schools, so I’ve been here for a few weeks now. This has been by far the best start to any semester so far.

In an effort to maintain a balanced lifestyle I have incorporated running a 5k each morning. It helps clear my mind and establishes an early start to my day. During my trip to Greenbuild 2012, Kevin Carroll spoke about the importance of taking some time out of each week to watch, observe and learn from your surroundings. I’ve ran at 7AM, 630AM 6AM and even as early as 530Am. Each time Boston feels a bit different. 630 runs will go from dark to light. Anything after 7 will catch the sunrise. 530 will get me that time of the day where it’s not pitch black out, but isn’t sunny either. I enjoy running outside. It has helped me get back into shape and is much more rewarding than running on a treadmill! I’ve been keeping track of how many miles I’ve ran this year…about 35 so far. I’d like to see that number get to about 600 miles by the end of 2013.


(A healthier) SLKR


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