Project 1

Happy Monday! Here’s the final write-up for project 1 of the semester-

Project one started like none other. We didn’t start with arbitrary sketches trying to give way to the ultimate design. We actually started with a powerpoint presentation. I guess it’s true that each professor has their way of doing things! Regardless, my professor this semester decided to introduce to us his preferred way of developing a concept design. To me, it was pure GOLD. I usually fall in the trap of creating a box and dividing the area into the different spaces I needed. My professor’s method required me instead to focus on the site, the surrounding, and the requirements from the “client” as ways to develop a solid concept.

The project had to do with designing a mausoleum, a sanctuary, and spaces for an office adjacent to the South End Burying Ground in Boston. My driving concept developed into intensifying moods through the use of natural light (Natural Light being a primary requirement in this project.) I immediately rotated the front façade so that it would capture the most sunlight (responding to site forces). I then started thinking of how I could use this captured light to establish the moods I was looking for. For example, the sanctuary is viewed as a celebratory, awe-creating space, thus having brighter, more intense light, filtered through stain glass. On the other hand, the mausoleum had very dim light, as this encouraged a more personal, contemplative mood, making one less prone to conversation when visiting their loved ones. In the office, I used an abundance of diffused light (higher windows have horizontal louvers that protect the workspaces from sharp, direct light.

I created an efficient design, one that would allow visitors to navigate between the three different spaces easily, while still sensing the change in program. The two entrances allow for a more direct access to either the offices or the sanctuary. The mezzanine above the sanctuary allows for extra seating. The exterior sanctuary allows for the expansion into the natural during fair weather days, connecting the users with an environment similar to the burying ground.

Below are some pictures, please let me know what you think!





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