Revit Tutorials

Hi All,

I’ve been working on some Revit Tutorials by Eric Wing lately. For those of you who don’t know, Revit is a BIM software that is quickly becoming the industry standard in architecture, engineering and construction. Revit really aids in the creation of schedules/legends, floor plans, 3D views, and the general collaboration between firms. I came into the tutorials knowing what I consider to be a fair amount in Revit; I knew how to modify families, create sections & 3D Renderings, etc. However, once I began to work through the tutorials and was exposed to all the minute things that Revit could do, I was simply blown away. The sheets that are attached to this post are a mix of what the tutorials helped me with and what a friend taught me. I really enjoyed learning how to create the exploded axonometric drawings. They were something that my professor’s drooled about at our final critiques; hopefully this remains true for the coming semester!

Enjoy and feel free to leave some feedback!


Tutorials – Sheet – A201 – FIRST FLOOR PLAN

Tutorials – Sheet – A203 – EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS

Tutorials – Sheet – A204 – SECTION AXON

Tutorials – Sheet – A205 – LEVEL DIAGRAMS

Tutorials – Sheet – A302 – SECTIONS


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