Project 1

Hi All,

Things have been full blown “gogogogo” action over here. Project 1 finished up about a week ago. It was a quick project, but I really enjoyed it. We were tasked with how to manipulate a space through daylight. Through HDR (High Dynamic Range) and False Color Images we studied how light penetrated into a space. The space I created changes colors throughout the day, depending on the location of the sun. Here is the script that I wrote as my “design process”:

My design process began as a very literal interpretation of a HDR image, and evolved into a dynamic space that through the manipulation of light and color. Once I realized that my design would be based of how daylight enters a space and changes it throughout the day, I began to fine-tune this concept. Some questions I began to ask myself are “Will the light be filtered in through a pattern? Will it come in from holes in the ceiling? Will there be anything in the space that represents different times of the day?” My project quickly created itself. Through my study models I experienced that via a transparent colored plastic, I could replicate the color spectrum over the period of one day’s time. This effectively makes the space different at any moment of the day. The space becomes very dynamic, forcing you to visit at multiple times of the day. The transparent colored plastic also helps establish a circulation, as well as partition the space.
The majority of the daylight comes through side lighting; however, some also comes from the skylights. The side of the skylights are lined with a reflective material that pushes the daylight into the space below, highlighting the colors in the space. In an attempt to control some of the light coming in from the side, I added fixed louvers to both the inside and outside. These louvers shoot the light in the direction of the colored plastics, to create the different colored glows.

Here is 9 second “film” of my project in action (This is a model I built):

My critique went extremely well! I had the Chair of the architecture department describing my project as “extraordinarily” and “incredibly well done”; he even stated that if I were to “come to him at the beginning of the semester and tell him what I was going to achieve with just pure daylight and no electric light, he would not have thought it was possible…yet here it is”.

All in all, a very very good project for me~I’m starting this semester with a bang!



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