CTZCC Fall Outing!

Here’s my story about just how close of a call it was to me not making it to the Fall Outing for the Connecticut Z Car Club:

Let’s start off by rewinding a few months. Early August sounds about right…

My car leaked oil here and there all summer long. Sometimes it was just from sitting in the garage, sometimes it was after a long drive. It got worse after I changed my timing belt and I had no idea where it was coming from… Being the novice that I am, I ran through the following places as possible culprits to this pesky leak: was it the oil pressure sender unit? No. The power steering components? No. Oil Filter? No.

I really had no idea. So many times that I went under the car, and I just couldn’t locate it. Then one day I posted a picture on a forum and someone suggested I take a look at a file that identified it as a leak that could potentially be from the speedometer cable pinion gear oil seal (how’s that for a mouthful). Sure enough, after closer inspection, that’s exactly what it was! Of course now I was days away from going back to college. I placed in a call to my favorite Nissan Dealership (County Line Nissan in Middlebury; thanks again Quinn!) anyway and ordered the parts I needed.

Fast forward 60 days. It’s the night before the CTZCC Fall Outing.

I had purchased bus tickets for myself and my girlfriend to come home that night at 9PM. I had also arranged with an old high school friend that had access to a friend’s shop that once I got home at about 11:30pm that we would head over to the shop, put the car on the lift, and git ‘r done in no time. I had no idea just how long of a night I was in for.

We arrive right on schedule (early) to the bus station. 9PM passed, no bus. 9:30…no bus. At about 10PM other travelers started contacting Customer Service. Can you believe the bus company said that they came, picked everyone up and left?! We were ALL still sitting there, waiting. The dispatcher said that the bus got there at 942, unloaded everyone, loaded everyone and left at 943. Sounds like there’s a lack of logic ehh? That’s because NO ONE boarded that bus.

Anyway, 3 hours later we were on the bus heading home. Believe it or not, my buddy was still willing to help me out. He was a man of his word. I strolled into town around 2 AM, got home and met him at the shop around 245. We worked tediously until 445 AM. But, the job got done. 

The next morning I overslept, hit traffic, but eventually made it to Ross’. My buddy and I noticed some oil at a stop on our way back, but it has leaked a drop since!!

Special thanks to my friend who was a man of his word and my girlfriend who stayed up, took photos, then collapsed at the shop desk. 😛

DSC_0145 copy-1 (dragged) copy


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