One Of My Whys…

I am constantly inspired and motivated by Eric Thomas. A father figure to some, a motivator to others. One of my favorite videos of his is “This is why I grind”. Well my little cousin is one of my whys.

Kudos to you, little man.

Congratulations David!


2 thoughts on “One Of My Whys…

  1. So nice!!! Thanks for always standing by him and motivating him to be the best at all he does. He works so hard to make you proud and to be just like you!!! Even though there is such an age difference you two will always have a special bond. So happy to have both of you in my life and so very proud of both of you!!!

  2. That kid has been a fighter since the day he was born. NO learning setback will stop him from making a comeback so long as he puts his mind to it.

    I think my girlfriend has had a bad influence on him though…he told me that he wants a mustang as his first car….a standard at that…..sounds exactly like Victoria….oh boy. I’ve got three/four years to change his mind!

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