Final Project Fall 2013

This semester we were tasked with creating a museum of the senses; below is an excerpt from my final write-up.

My museum project focuses on intensifying one’s sensual experiences. This is primarily achieved through the way which one circulates throughout the museum. As opposed to having specific areas for each sense, I have instead decided to pick on certain senses (touch, see, hear, taste/smell) and intensify the experience of each by walking you through the museum. At different points in the museum one will be required to use different senses in order to proceed through the museum.
There are contextual elements such as brick and cobblestone throughout the main circulatory areas that provide access to level two. These ramp areas are dimmed and have grated floors in certain areas to allow the automotive sounds from the subgrade garage to filter up, making it more relatable to the context of the site (the Mass Pike is very close to the site, and generates a considerable amount of sound).
Upon reaching the second level, one will be immersed in a mix between relaxing spaces such as the café and an extension of project one, a space that studied daylight and its effect on spaces throughout the day. Level two is conglomeration of a variety of exhibit spaces individually influenced by sun light as well as manipulated electric light. Each panel-like curtain is a different color, and is intended to be a mood generator for each person. While some might see a specific shade as disturbing, others might see it as extremely relaxing.

Also in this post are some of the renderings I created, as well as the final board I used for presenting at my final critique and some model pictures (none of which have been edited, but I do want to get them up here as soon as possible).

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