Sometimes You Just Have to Speak It Into Existence

Hi Folks, 


A few updates on my end-

My internship at Amenta Emma Architects is going very well. I’ve been there for about a month and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. More to come on this later. 

Today’s post is about speaking things into existence. Eric Thomas had a piece on this some time ago. Look it up on Youtube if you’ve got the time. Essentially, it’s all about speaking your goals into reality. I have spoken about becoming an intern at Amenta Emma since my junior year in high school. I didn’t get in for three years straight, no matter how hard (and persistent) I was. After my summer internship at Desman Associates, I told my parents my next one would be at Amenta Emma. I spoke it into existence. I did what I needed to do, set it “in stone” within my head, and it happened. 

Most recently, I received notification that I was selected to be an RA at the new residential dorms on campus this fall and spring. 1 year ago I received notification that I had been placed in Freshmen housing as an RA for a second year straight. Although initially frustrated, I let it be, believing that “everything happens for a reason”. Well, I spoke it into existence, saying that I would muscle through the next year and really line my cards up for a spot in the new building. It worked.

Mentality, motivation, and persistence goes a long way!

Have a great night.




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