A 2014 Update

2014 has been the fastest year to my memory. I started the year with an awesome internship at Amenta Emma Architects, a dominate firm in the Tri-state area. I worked for AEA for about 4 months, before it was time to come back to Boston to complete my Junior year.
As I near the completion of the semester, I have begun to search for another internship opportunity, this time for the fall. I hope to land somewhere that has ties to international architecture, as this has been a spot of curiosity for me for some time now. My top choice is Steffian Bradley Architects in Enfield, Connecticut.
In terms of Academics, the semester is going well. Even though I have never taken classes during a summer semester, I have still been able to stay focused and motivated throughout my projects. My favorite course this semester thus far has been studio.
Outside of work and academics, 2014 has also been the year of new beginnings and success unrelated to school and work. In January, I Co-Founded The Drive, a car enthusiast driven Youtube & media channel hosted by two guys who just love cars. We can be seen on all the major social media networks including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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