Major (delayed) update

One might say that I owe everyone here (and the guy writing this) an update. Well, quite frankly, that person would be right. So here goes:

I finished my semester about 2 weeks ago, wrenched on the Z for a few days and hopped on a plane to cross the pond and land in Portugal. Yes, family visit, nothing out of the ordinary.

I finished the semester strong, and finished with As across the board. A in History (Holy cow, I can’t believe it either), A in Site Planning, and A- in Studio. Realistically, I’m content with these grades. This was the last semester that counted towards our architecture GPA for acceptance to the masters program at Wentworth. I decided to take a lighter course load to make sure I could go out with a bang.

I have guaranteed my admittance to the Master’s program (pending a catastrophic change) by having an architecture GPA higher than a 3.2; I will be entering with a 3.76.

In terms of non academic “stuff” this semester, I learned how to make a couple bucks to fund my car hobby by selling vinyl decals. I also pushed my car photography skills by developing The Drive with a fellow gear head (Brandon). In terms of general photography, I submitted to a few different photo contests and was overall very successful, the most recent being the Wentworth photo contest.

Below is a link to my portfolio of my work.

Thanks everyone!


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