How Time Flies

Yep – that’s right. My Master’s year has come and gone! It was the most grueling 243 days of academics that I have ever been up against. To be quite frank, there wasn’t much that I enjoyed about the “exploratory” process. My thesis focused around the idea of creating an architecture that would permit for the growth of food within our cities as a way to fight the inevitable food crisis looming in our global future.

IMG_20160414_124727956Although I was not a major proponent of the experience, I did however, learn a few things – for example, that I wanted to stay away from design for as long as I could once I graduated, focusing instead on the more technical aspects of architecture. Thankfully that has been well received at my first full time position within the industry.

I accepted a position at Crosskey Architects back in February, and started working there on May 2nd. It has been a wonderful experience thus far, and I just contributed an article to the firm’s blog. “A Graduate’s Perspective – From Academia to Practice” Check it out here:

Be Well,


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